Welcome to Anna or Ana?

A blog of confusion…trying to sort it out…hoping you can relate and maybe sort your own stuff out.

Anastasia, the greatest riddle of the fall of the last Czar of Russia: did the youngest Romanov daughter escape the brutal execution of her family, rescued by a Polish peasant ,only  to spend the rest of her life trying to convince the world (particularly the remaining members of the shattered Romanov dynasty now in varying degrees of comfortable exhile) she truly was the Grand Duchess Anastasia, and not an imposter. Anna Anderson was an alias she used to escape Germany during WW II and come to America for a magical time that turned nightmarish as her unstable personality wore on the hospitality of even the most devoted relative or friend utterly convinced she was Anastasia.

The controversy was never solved before she died. Some claim it is stil not solved, despite DNA evidence showing this woman was not the Grand Duchess, but was, as suspected, a Polish peasant who’d suffered a trauma and became a perfect mimic, memorizing information–exactly how I don’t know because I didn’t buy the book and only read the free sample offered by Amazon’s Kindle…and how ‘Anna Anderson’ pulled it off is in the last chapter.

The book wasn’t good enough and was too expensive for me to pluck down something like $12.99 for the entire e-book when the only info I was interested in was the last chapter or 2. I’ll find it in a library.

Oh shit. The library. I have the books to replace but not the balls to replace them after all these years.


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