Anna or Ana (stasia)

Anna Anderson was the best false Grand Duchess Anastasia ever. After the nightmarish execution of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife and 5 children in the basement of a private  house in the Ural Mountains, followed by a gruesome attempt to cover up the crime by destroying utterly any remains (they failed, utterly), several people made claims to being one or the other surviving members of the Romanov family. Most claimnents were easily exposed as frauds, but one woman, sometimes known as Anna Anderson, maintained till her death in America at the age of (??) in 19?? that she was indeed the real Anastasia Romanova.


They were never able to prove her wrong. Until very recently, a few years ago in fact. New DNA testing proves Anna was NOT Ana.

Or do they?

What would DNA testing prove of me? Who am I? Am I a fraud, a pretender, with no talent just a little gift for mimicry. A poor player who struts and frets her hour upon the stage?


Tagent warning: I once had a dream where the curtain rises, I am alone onstage in front of a huge audience. I am naked on a toilet, taking a crap. Now, what does that say about my own evaluation of my worth as an artist? Hmm? You see what I’m up against?


My spirital counselor tells me I need to write letters to all these people from my past I am angry with. Some visiting toe reader told me I have an explosive left 2nd toe and I better release some of that anger before I asplode. I fill bathtubs with knives. Don’t fret. It’s only Dakini energy. And it is good.




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