Password for Adult Readers

I’m starting a fiction catagoy of blogs here, and some of my stuff gets racy, if not downright pornographic. So I’ve password protected the posts I thought some of you would rather not read.

For peeps looking for hardcore pron, forget it, that’s boring and I’m not into it. But I realize I go overboard sometimes in my fantasies and my writing advice has always been OVERwrite, you can always cut later.

As Loresnna Bobbit would have said. For those too young for the reference, I’ll spare you. If you NEED to know, Google it. I’ll not be responsible.


You know, LOLcat for porn? Pron. But tropical, shrimp, prawn. Helps ME remember it anyway.

So if you can’t stand to see words like p-nis spelled out or dislike graphic thrusting in group scenes of various genders, then skip the stuff you need to password access. I hope that solves the problem and my entire blog doesn’t get labeled unsuitable.

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