Wrapping Up The Play–Giving it Meaning

The G Spot is INSIDE the vagina. She does not realize this when she asks mundy to find it for her


Universal lesson: everything you need is INSIDE yourself, you only need to get over the “ick” factor, work up the courage to explore, but oh, once you’ve found it…



By George, (which George? oh, that’s right, CURIOUS) she’s got it!


I need to buy cat food before the cats perish of starvation…the fuzzy little dumplings turned their noses up at the FISH I cooked for them special to tide them over…/puzzled.

Have to go to ATT store to pay phone bill (phone is off–I have to make payment in person because they lock your account the stupid twits–all that does is make it harder for them to collect their own bills. I loathe ATT but I’m stuck with them like I’ve been stuck in so many places before..

Committing myself to a long-term plan when I have only short term goals. Like waking up, falling out of bed, dragging a comb across my head…



One comment on “Wrapping Up The Play–Giving it Meaning

  1. This pathetic blogger can only get comments by commenting on her own posts. Must enroll in 5 more “be a superstar” workshops…better yet, devise a workshop of my own.

    Who is, after all, to know I am not a total loser whose only claim to fame is devising a “superstar” workshop??

    There is something existentially inauthentic about that…it will fold someday. But meantime. Ride the fucking wave. If you can figure it out;

    Not “I was about to be fired from my position as medical director of semi-prestigious hospital for massive theft of anaesthetic iv drugs, but I freed myself from stress of Western medicine and insurance company takeover of critical medical choices to blog professionally.”

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