lost by my name is D (35mm)
lost, a photo by my name is D (35mm) on Flickr.

reminds me of the picture of the girl running in panic from a bomb, the one where she is on fire herself, that horror of an iconic image. for me, nothing says ‘war is bad’ like that one photo.

this child may be lost, but at least she’s not on fire.

Can we learn? Globally, as a People, can we learn for all the high-minded rhetoric and passionate justifiable anger, war as a solution to our problems comes down to this lowest common denominator:

An anguished child. Twisted. If not dead, so horribly hurt the rest of her life will be spent trying to recover from her wounds, trying to heal from the pain. Sad.

Can we take our fingers off the Panic buttons, put down our Uzi 9 mms, and talk? And more important, LISTEN?


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