I’m Finally Old Enough to Carry an Umbrella if I Want. So There.

In fact, you can’t do it any other way. So you look a fool so what you go do what you need to do. If they don’t understand how hard it is so what? You are old enough to carry an umbrella if it looks like rain.

Wow…I just remembered that. When I was in grade school, schlepping to or from the bus stop on a wet, overcast day in a mountainous area of Pennsylvania, I remember thinking, “I’d really like to bring an umbrella, but if it’s not raining now, the other kids will laugh at me for being so fussy.”

And then I thought how cool it would be when I got old enough not to care what other people said about whether I carried an umbrella or not

I can carry an umbrella if I want to

I don't have to get all wet.


I think I’m old enough. Finally. I think that’s what’s happened.


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