about my name…they took my “A”; Named me Anna but called me Ann

but that’s a different resentment and I think I have a separate blog for that

so many Anna’s in all languages and all times it seems…Did you know the Once and Future King Arthur had a sister named Anna (in some versions of the legend/story/history). More astonishing, I hear someone cry out “Anna!” and I will stop, only to find the person being addressed is a little girl…when I was born in 1962 the name Anna was impossibly old-fashioned. (I was named for both my grandmothers–does that give you a clue?), but now it’s like RETRO chic?


How awesome is that? At 48 perhaps I’ve finally grown into my coolness. At least I’m not afraid to carry an umbrella today. (see prior post)


This WordPress thing is wild and I may go out of control or I may finish my memoir on these pages…anyway…is it work or is it play? When the lines blur…and you are getting paid…you know you’ve reached nirvana.


Still working on the getting paid part. But a hefty dose of the Law of Attractions and a legal goad to get the assets more fairly distributed by my Once and Past Tense Spouse…who’s choking on money but has so little understanding of prosperity consciousness that he will probably lose it all for the hanging on to it so tightly. I want it before some one can scam it out of him, someone who hasn’t spent the past 20 years at his side…loving, oh, freak, never mind….You’ve heard it ALL BEFORE….


Still, we all have our stories to tell and we won’t get better until we get them told and put into perspective by another human being. That’s where I always FAILED. I thought I could do it all MYSELF. Create this train wreck and then fix it, too. Can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness on which you created the problem.


Albert said that. You know, Hey hey hey…it’s Faaat Albert!



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