Climbing the Monkey Ladder-the Most Overdue Book in Monroe County History

To get a view of the forest.

Not just be mucking around in the trees. Not that I don’t need to zip down to the trees to take care of things. The trees are the details of my life, like taking my medications, making sure they don’t run out, keeping the lights on and water running, making sure I have at least one clean outfit to throw on before I make my semi-weekly foray out my front door and into civilization.


Oh, goddess, library. I have library books lost (I have the replacements) but they’ve been lost for over a year and the fees will bankrupt me. I feel like Al Bundy, you know the episode, where he had the most overdue book in the history of the Chicago Library? And he got nailed for trying to sneak it back on the shelf without paying the fine? Which was like $2,573.53?



do I dare???

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